FIRE-ID team

INRIA Rennes

Hervé Jégou

Research Fellow
Patrick Gros
INRIA Senior Researcher


Giorgos Tolias

Visiting student (09/2012-03/2013), Post-doc (12/2013–)


Josip Krapac

Post-doc (01/2013-06/2013)


Andrei Bursuc

Post-doc (03/2014–)


Ronan Sicre

Post-doc (10/2014–)


Carryn Hayward

Project officer

Xerox Research Center Europe

Florent Perronnin

Principal scientist at XRCE and manager of the Textual and Visual Pattern Analysis group
Diane Larlus
Research Scientist

José Rodriguez
Research Scientist


Naila Murray

Post-doc (02/2013–)


Hervé Poirier Engineer

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